What content would you like to feature?

Okay, for a book tour, normally will feature your review of the book, and the cover image, and web site(s) of interest. But we'd also like to provide additional content for hosts, so that we can vary the content a little. Which other features would you be interested in including in your blog post? Please just leave your comments here or at the main blog host site, The Other Shelf, or via Twitter: @RM_TheCoven. Proposed content: 1. Author interview (based on your questions) Here is a wonderful interview, by Eleni at La Femme Readers, if you'd like a nice example: Read: Eleni's interview with Sasha Soren 2. Interview with the artist 3. Interview with the designer 4. Book trailer (short version) 5. Book trailer (long version) 6. Interactive (and hopefully embeddable to your site, we're working on that) quiz about the book, along the lines of: 'Which character in Random Magic is your alter ego/most like you?' 7. Reader notes that explain some of the more arcane details and trivia about the book. If you're interested in having a downloadable PDF of that reader notes, that could be an option, please just note your preference: Plain text (to copy/paste), or a PDF version you could offer at your site for download. 8. Book themes (a quick run-down of some of the major themes and sub-themes of the book, which might be useful to a reader). 9. Additional content -- if there's something else you think you'd like to have for your post, please just jot down some of your thoughts in the comments section, we'll see if we can do it!