Meet The Coven: Allison - Well-Read Reviews

Allison, founder of Well-Read Reviews
Why I blog about books: When I started in August (2009), I simply wanted to document what I was reading (even if only for myself). I was pleasantly surprised, when discussing books with a friend, that she also had a blog in which she talked about books. She then introduced me to the whole book blogging world that I had no idea existed. More about Allison: Favorite classic: I really don't have a favorite classic. Sometimes I think they are a bit overrated. Favorite comfort food: Anything peanut butter! Jane Austen or Emily Brontë?: I would have to say Emily Brontë! Favorite season: Florida doesn't have the regular seasons. We have wet and dry -- and I have to say, I prefer the dry. That is usually when it's cooler out. ;) But in all seriousness, I do enjoy the falltime because of the beautiful leaves (colors which can only be seen as you travel north). Favorite color: Aqua. Even the name is beautiful. Don't you think so? Visit Allison at Well-Read Reviews Browse more bios View tour stops