Planning page - VW - July

Planning page
Video Week: Random Magic
July 15-25, 2012

July 15

Books Unbound (Ariel Bissett)
Channel ID: BooksUnbound
Visit channel: BooksUnbound
Twitter: @ArielBissett

July 16

Joanie Fontana (Jennie)
Channel ID: JoanieFontana
Visit channel: JoanieFontana
Twitter: @JoanieFontana

July 17
Snowdrop Dreams of Books (Chrystal)
Channel ID: SnowdropDreamsCM
Visit channel: SnowdropDreamsCM
Blog: Snowdrop Dreams of Books
Twitter: @SnowdropDreams

July 18

Sable Caught (Stevie Finegan)
Channel ID: SableCaught
Visit channel: SableCaught 
Twitter: @Shinabu

July 19

Ophelia Dagger
Channel ID: OpheliaDagger
Visit channel: OpheliaDagger
Twitter @OpheliaDagger

July 20

Filmable Jam (Allan Leeson)
Channel ID: FilmableJAM
Visit channel: FilmableJAM
Twitter @Allanbag

July 21

I Love Books (Christina)
Channel ID: ChristinaVlog622
Visit channel: ChristinaVlog622
Twitter: @Booklover_622

July 22

Doodle (Emily Rencich)
Channel ID: ScooterDoodle31
Visit channel: ScooterDoodle31
Blog: Doodle’s Book Blog 
Twitter: @erencich 

July 23

Undead Unicron [sic] (Tia)
Channel name: UndeadUnicron [sic]
Visit channel: UndeadUnicron
Twitter: @UndeadUnicron [sic]

July 24

Inky Pages (Jools)
Channel ID: InkyPages
Visit channel: InkyPages
Twitter: @InkyPages

July 25 

Well-Read Reviews (Allison)
Blog: Well-Read Reviews 
Channel name: TBA
Channel URL: TBA
Twitter: @WellReadReviews

Notes: Misc. summary, wrap-ups/good byes, or just put on playlist of all events during the week or one thing.