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Edition: Dec. 28-Jan. 3, 2011
Update: Series has wrapped.

Art and Quotes

Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people, citizens of distant epochs, who never knew each other. Books break the shackles of time, proof that humans can work magic. - Carl Sagan, Cosmos 

Discussions and Book Chats

Bookie Brunch question: What do you think of seasonally-themed books? 
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Events and Parties

January, 2012: Visit or Sign upHost A Literary Odyssey invites you to get down your dusty volumes of the Bard of Avon, and join her for a month of reading the works of William ShakespeareVisit or Sign up

By the way, William Shakespeare does put in an appearance in Random Magic, by Sasha Soren. At a party held among the clouds. With some pals like Lord Byron and Mark Twain. Thrown by a celestial muse who can't stop falling into fountains overflowing with vodka tonics. There's also a nine-dimensional cat. It all gets a bit complicated. Yes, slightly skewed version of Shakespeare, granted - ah, the secret life of William 'Shakes' Shakespeare...

January 22, 2012: Visit or Sign up: Host Sarah Says Read (@SarahSaysRead) invites you to take part in a 12-hour read-a-thon. Includes challenges and goodies. Visit or Sign up

Memes and Features
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Jan. 1- Dec. 31, 2012: Visit or Sign upThe Greek Classics reading challenge arrives in 2012. From the host: Take a look at the roots of Western civilization and ponder the great questions of existence by reading some ancient Greek literature. Participants will be reading from one to 12 classics of Greek literature. Host is Jean of Howling Frog Books and Musings of a Bookworm, no contact info available. Visit or Sign up

Weekly: Begins January 2012: Visit or Sign up: Host Snowdrop Dreams of Books (@snowdropdreams) invites authors and bloggers to share their must-haves for a stay on a desert island, in Deserted Island. Visit or Sign up

Jan. 1- Dec. 31, 2012: Visit or Sign upHost Tiffany from For Those About to Read (@AboutToRead) invites you to indulge yourself in up to 10 tales of myths and legends, in the Mythology Challenge, with focus on teen fiction (also called young adult fiction, or YA). The book list for the challenge is already up for browsing, so check it out, if you like: Book List
Random Magic by Sasha Soren is on the book list and counts for this challenge. 
Visit or Sign up for the challenge.

Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2011: Visit or Sign up: Host Melissa of Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf (@myeclecticbooks) invites you to grab your broomstick and join her for all manner of witchy things, in her Witches and Witchcraft reading challenge. 
Random Magic by Sasha Soren is on the book list and counts for this challenge. 
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Weekly: Every weekend (Fri. thru Sun.): VisitRandom Magic Tour (@RandomMagicTour) invites you to find and share a beautiful book nook every weekend - posts include a badge collection of all the pretty libraries, coffee shops or various reading rooms. Every weekend through Dec. 31, 2011. Visit or Participate

Videos and Vloggers

Shown above: Liddy of TheeBookMonster shares some of the titles she's acquired recently.

Shown above: Daisy of Between the Pages (@DBetweenPages) shares her take on the question of whether or not she reads seasonally-themed titles. Part of Bookie Brunch, hosted this week by Jennie (@joaniefontana) of Jennie's Corner.

Shown above: Liddy of TheeBookMonster shares her take on seasonal reads. Part of Bookie Brunch, hosted this week by Jennie (@joaniefontana) of Jennie's Corner.

Shown above: The Book Bunny (@The_BookBunny) gives a quick update on reads finished and coming up, puts herself on a book-buying ban and then promptly breaks her own rule (update in comments).

Book Adaptations and Media Marvels
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Goodies and Giveaways

Prize pack item: Multi-title DVD (Region 1)

Prize pack item: Blank notebook

Prize pack item: Book and card set

Prize pack item: Quirky tote bag, folds up to fit on key clip

Win: Enter: Through January 15, 2011: Adorable prize pack at Bookie Brunch, hosted by The Fluidity of Time. Prize pack includes multi-title DVD, book, blank journals, chocolate and other goodies and a book tote. Tote, DVD, book and blank notebook shown above. Sponsored by The Fluidity of Time and Random Magic Tour. 

Win: Enter: Through January 3, 2011: Gift card for Uncommon Goods, purveyor of colorful and slightly offbeat items.

Win: Enter: Through January 3, 2011: Gift certificate for ProFlowers. Large selection of seasonal greenery. Sample bouquet shown above. Note: Offer not made or sponsored by Random Magic Tour.

Win: Enter: Through January 1, 2012: Enter to win a Kindle Fire e-reader. (More)

WIN: Enter: Through December 31, 2011: Now you won't have to wonder if the movie is as good as the book or not - win this classic novel and matching movie version. This set features a paperback edition of The Age of Innocence with a new, beautifully designed cover and a DVD of the feature film, nestled together in a sturdy case. This could be a nice treat to keep for a rainy weekend. Sponsor: Random Magic Tour. Win this cute book and DVD set

Grapevine, Last-Minute News and Misc. 

Grapevine: Lieder Madchen (@LiederMadchen) of Songs and Stories is sharing her invite to a review community for up to five fellow book bloggers who'd like to win a free book. Reply

Grapevine: Eleni of La Femme Readers (@LaFemmeReaders) would like to hear from anyone who might have a lead on a reliable and talented graphic designer who might be able to give a bit of a design lift to her book blogReply

Shown above: Christina at I Love Books (@Booklover_622) gives a quick update and puts out an open call out for book-loving vloggers who'd like to be part of her project. Reply


January 22, 2012: Visit or Sign up: Host Sarah Says Read (@SarahSaysRead) invites you to take part in a 12-hour read-a-thon. Includes challenges and goodies. Visit or Sign up

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Update: Series has wrapped - December 2011
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