The Colors of Random Magic: Blue

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Everyone who’s read the book says that the world of Random Magic is so colorful and vivid that they can actually almost see the world right in front of them, as if it were a movie. It was definitely written that way, since that world actually is a lot more magical and overwhelming than our own world. Everything would be more powerful and startling, including something as basic as the colors surrounding Henry and Winnie as they search for Alice. But a lot of the colors in Random Magic aren’t just there for decoration, but actually have some particular significance. Here are some quick reader notes about the more symbolic uses of color in Random Magic. This post is about the use of the color blue:

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It’s often associated with calm, depth, loyalty. In heraldry, it’s used to symbolize sincerity. The color blue, generally speaking, is a very calming color, associated with tranquility. It’s also a preferred masculine color. Henry, in contrast to Winnie, has a connection to the color blue. He is the calm to her tempest, and the hearth to her fire. His eyes are blue, his clothing is blue. In all respects, he’s a complement to her fiery spirit. The color blue also plays an important role in a living chess match. The opposing colors are red and blue: Red for passion, and blue for reason. The colors of the chess match are the actual colors the players wear, but the clash of red and blue is also symbolic of the internal struggle everyone faces, in finding a balance between their emotional, instinctive and passionate side, and their more level-headed, cool, calm and logical side. [Additional content you'd like to add: URLs, links to upcoming tour stops, related links, your review, link to other parts of the 'Colors' series, etc.]