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Songs of the Season
Event production by
Random Magic Tour
Sasha Soren (Random Magic)
Dec. 10-25, 2011

Welcome to the Songs of the Season music hop! You're invited to join us every day from December 10-25, to enjoy a virtual round of caroling.

Every day, you can visit a different blog to find another wonderful music selection, handpicked by a variety of great hosts.

Here's our selection for your enjoyment!

Title: I've Got my Love to Keep Me Warm
Artist (original): Kay Starr
Artist (remix): Stuhr
Available at: Amazon

Commentary: This is a sunny remix of a delightful vintage song. This is a cheerful song of the season which could be nice as part of a mix for a gathering. The original is nice, and the remix adds a fun spin on it.

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Commentary: The movie clip shown in the video is from classic film, It's a Wonderful Life.

Title: Here We Come A-Wassailing
Artist (original): Traditional
Artist (modern): Kate Rusby
Available at: Amazon

Commentary: This is another fun and cheery song you might enjoy, it's a modern rendition of a traditional carol. More info on the tradition of wassailing can be found here.

(optional - goodies)

Through Dec. 31, 2011: Win a pretty box of stationery, featuring quotes by writer Charlotte Brontë and her sisters, who were also novelists. Browse details

Through Dec. 31, 2011: Win a book-and-DVD set of a romantic drama set in the Gilded Age of Old New York. Browse details

Available starting Dec. 25, 2011: Win a book-and-DVD set of great classic film, Little Women (trailer shown above). A chance to win this delightful gift will be available at the Dec. 25 session of Bookie Brunch, hosted at Jennie's Corner (@joaniefontana).

(optional but appreciated - credits)

Event production by Random Magic Tour
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If you've enjoyed your visit, please feel welcome to click on any of the badges below, to find another great tune, selected especially by the host to share with you for the Songs of the Season music hop. If you have a favorite song, feel free to share in the comments. Thanks for stopping by, and hope you have a chance to enjoy a cup of cocoa on the way to your next stop on the hop!
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- Like Bookie Brunch Halloween,except like virtual caroling. Instead of candy, treating people to a listen to a song you really like.

So, basically - it'd be kind of like going from blog to blog,
caroling. but could include all winter holidays, even songs for
atheists or pagans, or just songs that are nice for winter, to have
the most freedom in picking songs.

***** Basic sketch: *****
- Would be sort of like Halloween trick or treat - there's minimal
scheduling, just so there's something every day, but not too much to
have to post.

***** RMT will take care of: *****
- Provide event header image
- Provide cut-and-paste 'about this event' blurb
- Schedule from dec. 15-25, maybe one person posting per day.
- Provide linky so everyone can have their souvenir badges in one
place, making it easier for people to browse and visit

***** - Optional but really appreciated: *****
Have included RM trailer all over, trying to include more cover art,
so if you could drop in a little 'about RM' at bottom of post, would
really be helpful, can see it here.

So, it's small but sharing the cover art. Sometimes busy having a nice
time with events and forget, oh, yeah, also should think about book
mentions, too... just don't want to make it all about RM, because an
event like this is basically more for fun and the music and your
message for visitors should take center stage because that's kind of
the point!

***** What you'd be doing: *****
- Select one song you love for winter season. can be religious or spiritual or jazzy or vintage or remix, basically anything you like. It just has to be a winter song (in feeling or in lyrics, etc.)
- Put in link so people can stream song online, or watch youtube video.
- Provide title and artist credit
- Link to someplace that visitors can buy the song, as a courtesy to the artist.
- Commentary: Just informally say why you like the song or think it's a wonderful song for the winter, doesn't have to be a paragraph, can just be a sentence or so. but just so your post has your take on things and a bit of a personal touch, you know?
- Since the idea is to kind of go door to door with caroling, you only need one song to participate. but if you'd like to add more, it's up to you, can just list them under 'encore' or 'bonus'

***** Optional: *****
- Can include section below main post, saying something like: 'Other features and events' or 'You might also like,' in case you might like to spotlight some cool events you're also doing, or something cool you might have heard about. Something like Book Nooks with main text and image, then anything you might want to add under 'You might also like,' this way it's very

And then everyone just has one song, everyone has direct link to post in souvenir badges, and there's a cute event with lots of interesting things to enjoy - because, of course, no one will know what everyone else is posting, will be nice surprises to browse.

Thinking around Dec. 10-25, and everyone just has one day to themselves.

Can picture it in format sort of like bookie brunch trick or treat, only might have an actual schedule. ALTHOUGH, can just fill out entire schedule at RMT and you can just link to that, instead of you having to actually post a separate schedule. That way, you can just grab image and do your own write-up if you like, saying it's coming up and so on, that might actually be much easier.

If you can include a credit for RM, it'd be really appreciated, but it's optional.

Planning for something around Dec. 10-25, to leave some planning time. Dates not finalized, but Dec. 10 is the very earliest you'd be posting, and Dec. 25 is the latest.

Know people will be traveling and so on, so can auto-post or just post on early dates, maybe Dec. 10-20, let's say. Can post for Dec. 25, so that day's covered.

There isn't much planning time, so would have to know schedule for Dec. 7-8 at latest.

Goodies (Avail. at Bookie Brunch, Dec. 25)

Book and DVD set, Little Women
Bookie Brunch goodies, Dec. 25