Virtual Advent Tour: Vintage tunes, virtual fireplace and Songs of the Season (Dec. 16)

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For this stop on Virtual Advent Tour 2011, we'd like to invite you to see what songs are being picked out for enjoyment by a great group of bloggers, in Songs of the Season. It seems like it'd be a nice complementary event, and you're welcome to join us for the rest of the month, if you like.

But just so there's something special for this stop on Virtual Advent Tour - here's a separate, music-related feature just for Virtual Advent Tour - a mellow list of charming vintage tunes for the season.

But first, a moment to get comfy by the fire with your favorite bevvie, then just click play to enjoy a roaring fire and  to enjoy some genial tunes - old and new!

Shown above: A cheery fireplace for all to enjoy. 

Add a hot beverage of your choice, while the host kindly takes care of stowing your scarf and coat and so on...

Shown above: Just in time for a merry booze-up.
Source and recipes

Shown above: Non-alcoholic drinks as a courtesy for designated drivers or other guests who're unable to partake for other reasons. Source and recipes

And some laid-back vintage music...

Title: Joyeux Noël
Artist: Barbara
Notes: Recording date unknown, possibly 1968.
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Title: Moonlight in Vermont (1946)
Artist: Jo Stafford
Songwriters: John Blackburn, Karl Suessdorf
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Title: Christmas Island (1946)
Artist: The Andrews Sisters
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Title: Violets for your Furs (1941)
Artist: Renzo Cesana
Songwriters: Tom Adair, Matt Dennis
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Title: Every Day's a Holiday (1937)
Artist: Al Bowlly
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And now, feel free to enjoy some virtual caroling with Songs of the Season, a music hop featuring cool bloggers from around the world. Every day, a new host will unveil another of the songs they've handpicked to share with you. Feel free to drop by to discover a new song every day, from Dec. 10-25, 2011.

Songs of the Season
Dec. 10-25, 2011
Browse schedule: Songs of the Season

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