Party: Guys and Molls (Nov. 10-17)

Guys and Molls
Event production by
Sasha Soren (Random Magic)
Nov. 10-17, 2011

Nov. 10

Nov. 11
Nov. 12
Double feature
vvb32reads (@vvb32reads)

Nov. 13

Nov. 14

Nov. 15

Nov. 16
Inky Pages - Coffee and a Good Book (vlog) (@inkypages)
Inky Pages (blog)
From ink to screen - Mob movies based on books, short stories or plays

Nov. 17
Souvenir schedule
Pinstripes and fedoras - Gangster fashion

***** Goodies *****

Win this!
Cute goodies pack hosted at vvb32reads.
Play to win via any Guys and Molls post.

A great, multi-title DVD of vintage mob films and a pack of GangsterSpeak cards. Open internationally. Through Dec. 15, 2011. Details available on event posts.

For YOU.
Nov. 10-17, 2011