Additional images

These are images in addition to the book cover, some uses are suggested but please feel free to just grab/use them wherever you like in your post: (More will probably be added before the tour starts, so please feel free to check back, just in case!)
[Sugg. use: Bio, interview, reader notes]

[Sugg. use: Trailer still header, reader notes, tour announcement, review, general] (Callie) (General use, or Alice in Wonderland-related post or mention) [Sugg. use: Character profiles, polls or quizzes, trailer still header, or just general use as headers or divider between text for visual interest] (Baron Samedi) (Winnie - b/w) (Winnie - color) (Nevermore) (Nevermore) (Lady De Morgue) (Callie - Nine Muses) (Erato - 'Mori' - Nine Muses) (Melpomene - 'Mellie' - Nine Muses) (Thalia - Nine Muses)


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Product photos for various prizes