Materials: Reader Notes - Book Themes

[Host notes: Here are some notes on trivia related to the book, with an accompanying image (shown below) you can also use:]
Inside Random Magic: Reader Notes - Book Themes Some of the themes of the book, apart from the nutty adventures and colorful imagery, would be: • Magic is everywhere, even in daily life, just have to know where to look. • Always believe in yourself, even if no one else does. • Inside every woman, there is a queen • Brains can be more useful than brawn, in a lot of cases • Knowledge is power • Bravery isn’t a lack of fear, but a willingness to try even when you’re afraid • True beauty is much greater than skin deep • Loyalty, friendship and love are more valuable than gold • Magic is: Magic. But it’s also: The power to create art, music, and beauty. • There is spiritual beauty in physical objects, sometimes • Humans are mortal, but the things they create are immortal. • It’s foolhardy to underestimate the seemingly small and weak • Don’t believe everything you see • One person with courage is a majority • Never give up • Love is the most elusive but most powerful magic of all Notes: Optional header image below (please just pick the one you prefer for your post).