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Book Nooks
*Every weekend*
Show us something pretty!

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Book Nooks
*Every weekend*
Show us something pretty!

Book Nooks How-To:

Feel free to join in whenever you like. The hop goes up every weekend.

1. Posts each weekend
Posts every weekend - you can post anywhere from Friday through Sunday, your pick. Even a very early Monday post would be okay, would just count it as a long weekend.

2. Header image and info
Grab main image and info. You don't necessarily have to link to both author name and title, please just give due credit by including founder name at minimum. A link would be appreciated and a nice courtesy, but it's totally up to you.

You can include any tagline you want, if you don't necessarily want to use, 'Show us something pretty!' It's your post, so say whatever you like. The idea is just to give new visitors some idea what the post will be about.

3. Pick your book nook
Pick a pretty place that looks like it would be a comfy and cool place to read. It doesn't have to necessarily be a library or book shop - if you think it's a place that looks like a perfect place for a good read, then it qualifies. 

You can pick photos or paintings, the image can be a living room or bedroom or just a picnic spot, it's up to you. It just has to someplace that looks like a wonderful spot to read a few books.

4. Share your thoughts on the book nook
(Commentary) Share why you think this makes a wonderful book nook - the colors, the comfortable accessories, the light, the peace and quiet, the general feeling of the place, and so on. 

Your commentary can be long or short, up to you. Just tell us what makes this spot a welcoming place to read a book or two.

5a. Tell us where the place is, if you know
(Details) Share any details you have about the image, including title, author, year, location, etc. 

If you have no major details to add here, can just skip this and only give source.

5b. Give due credit with a link
(Source) Give due credit - add link to where you happened to spot the image.

6. Add your post to collection, then add collection to your post
(Add your post to collection) Add a direct link to your post into the linky at the bottom of any Book Nooks post.

 Then cut-paste linky code (it will say 'get inLinkz code') and drop code into the bottom of your post. The code will add the badges for the entire Book Nooks collection for that week to your own post!

7. See what other people picked that week...
(Browse, visit and enjoy) Feel free to browse all the cool book nooks people have selected. If you see something you especially like, please feel free to leave a nice comment for that blogger.

By the way - if you have some interesting news or have seen something cool around that week, feel free to add it under: You Might Also Like...

That way, you'll have a weekly spot on your blog to be able to include book news, without necessarily committing to a weekly news feature.

Have fun!


Book Nooks
*Every weekend*
Show us something pretty!

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Book Nooks
*Every weekend*
Show us something pretty!

[Sample post] 
(Feel free to just cut and paste, to make starter Book Nooks post.)

Book Nooks
*Every weekend*
Show us something pretty!

Commentary: This looks very pleasant and peaceful. The rustic elements are charming, and the entire room looks comfortable, with just enough room on the table for a pot of tea and a pile of books.

Details: Location and artist unknown, not given in original post.
Source: Desire to Inspire via ImgFave
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