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Tina, founder of Tina's Book Reviews

Shown above: Willow tree. Provided by Tina (via Wikipedia)

Why I blog about books: I started blogging about books to help me with my writing skills. I'm an avid reader, as are most bloggers, and I love talking about a book after I read it -- what better way to do that than on my blog!

My blog name (Tina's Book Reviews) is simple; it's just me, writing reviews. My URL is willowdust, because willow trees are my favorite -- I love the way they bend in the wind -- and dust, because I love magic and faeries and the world of make believe. More about Tina: Favorite classic: Jane Eyre

Favorite comfort food: Brownies...yummy.

Jane Austen or Emily Brontë?: Brontë, she had much more of an edge to her writing!

Favorite season: Fall, because of the cool air and changing colors.

Favorite color: Plum purple, it reminds me of fall and royalty.

Visit Tina at: Tina's Book Reviews and Blogs With Bite

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