Meet The Coven: Jill - The O.W.L. Blog

Jill, founder of The O.W.L. Blog
Why I blog about books: I'm a 7th grade English teacher that fights tooth and nail to get my students to read. I'm constantly reading YA and MG books, so I can recommend them. After taking a class last spring that talked a lot about blogs, I decided to start my own for reviewing books. I thought it would be a great way to get more books in front of my students. I know that the more books I share with them, the better chance I have at getting them hooked on something. I have my blog linked from my classroom website, so my students can reach it from home if they are looking for a good book to read. My hope is former students will come back to it as well. Visit Jill at: The O.W.L. Blog Browse more bios View tour stops More about Jill (to be added)