Meet The Coven: Meri Greenleaf, founder of Elbit Blog

Meri Greenleaf, elfling artist and founder of Elbit Blog
About Meri Greenleaf: Meri is a talented artist/designer and loves all things...magical! More about Meri: Favorite season: Summer or late spring. I love when all the trees and flowers are green and in bloom. Favorite color: Let's just say I have a thing for green that borders on an obsession. ;) [Editor: She's not kidding: Look!] It's just such a happy and healing color. Favorite classic: The Tempest, by Shakespeare. I adore Caliban and think he's such a misunderstood character. He's really not as bad as people think he is! I think he's so neat that I even made a doll of him. Me, a literature dork? ;) Sunrise or sunset?: I'm never awake for the sunrise, so I'll go with sunset. Coffee or tea?: Tea, preferably herbal. What's the one book you read over and over and over again as a kid/teenager?: The Phantom Tollbooth Out of all the books you've all read, which one sticks out in your mind the most and why?: Oh, man, that's a hard one! I guess The Hobbit, because my dad read it to me for the first time when I was 6, and that turned into a lifelong obsession with Lord of the Rings. Plus it's so cool to have a common interest with my dad. :) What is/are your favorite genre(s)?: I know I should say the classics because that's what I want to teach someday, but really, it's fantasy. It's just so fun! Do you have a favorite young adult (YA) series?: The Tortall series by Tamora Pierce Favorite young adult series: Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia?: But I like both! On the one hand, I've loved Narnia since I was a kid, but on the other hand, Harry Potter is a lot of fun, too. (Go Hufflepuff!) If you could only read one book for an entire month, which book would it be?: Soul Music by Terry Pratchett Where do you like to read?: Somewhere comfy, with a cup of tea and some cookies. What is your one literary guilty pleasure?: Harry Potter. I put off reading those books for so long because I thought they were silly and dumb, but darnit, I really like them! Which is the most dangerous - a vampire, a unicorn or a lion, and why?: A lion. Unicorns tend to be relatively harmless and vampires are pretty easy to get rid of - just keep a stake and some garlic bread handy. ;) If you could be any literary heroine, who would you be?: Éowyn from Lord of the Rings. Do you have any favorite television shows?: I'll admit to watching HGTV a lot. I'm an artist, so I love seeing what other people come up with for decorating and things. What would your dream job be?: I'm already doing one of my dreams (I'm an artist - you can find me at Etsy: Elfing Creations), but I'd love to become a professor of early British literature someday. What’s your favorite quote for today?: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar Wilde What's your favorite kind of pie?: Apple, especially with the crumbly crust. Yum! Meri's alter ego: One of the Nine Muses Visit Meri at Elbit Blog Browse more bios View tour stops