Virtual Advent Tour: Indie songs for the season (Dec. 22)

Hi! Welcome to Random Magic Tour - The Coven, the official site for Sasha Soren, author of Random Magic.

Random Magic is an indie title, and so we thought it'd be fun to celebrate some other independent projects. What could be nicer than to enjoy some songs for the season!

What's more, these are all tunes you might not have heard, yet - all the selections are by indie artists. We hope you enjoy them all, and if you'd like to support the artist by downloading their tracks, a link has been provided for each.

Have fun, and hope you find at least one wonderful winter tune that you just love!

Shown above: Live performance, The Atheist Christmas Carol
Title: The Atheist Christmas Carol
Indie artist: Vienna Teng
Find this track: Amazon
More Vienna Teng: Blog | YouTube | Twitter

Shown above: Live performance, Thanks for the Roses
Title: Thanks for the Roses
Indie artist: Antje Duvekot
Watch official video: Thanks for the Roses
More Antje Duvekot: Blog | YouTube | Twitter

Shown above: Slideshow, Snow
Title: Snow
Indie artist: Loreena McKennitt
Find this track: Amazon
More Loreena McKennitt: Blog | Bio

Shown above: Lyrics, Angel
Title: Angel
Indie artist: Grey Eye Glances
Find this track: Amazon
More Grey Eye Glances: Blog

Shown above: Cover art for album that includes Sol Invictus
Title: Sol Invictus
Indie artist: Thea Gilmore
Find this track: Amazon
More Thea Gilmore: Blog

Listen to: Awake the Voice
Shown above: Promo still, Krista Detor
Title: Awake the Voice
Indie artist: Krista Detor
Find this track: Amazon
More Krista Detor: Site | Blog | YouTube | Twitter
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We hope you've had a nice time here, and you're welcome to find out more about Random Magic by browsing any of the links below:

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You're also quite welcome to visit Songs of the Season, a fun music hop organized by @RandomMagicTour and featuring cool bloggers from all over the world:

Songs of the Season
Dec. 10-25, 2011
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