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Juju, founder of Tales of Whimsy...

More about Juju: Favorite comfort food: Bacon and platanos maduros (i.e. fried plantains)

Jane Austen or Emily Brontë?: Brontë, because I recently read and fell in love with the deliciously complex Wuthering Heights.

Favorite season: Fall. Even though I don't get to enjoy true fall in Florida, I love the changing of the season. The whisper of change the cooler breezes seems to bring. Not to mention the glory that is falling leaves.

Favorite color: Black. I have a love affair with black. Other colors have come and gone from my life, but black is my one true color love.

Favorite classic: Wuthering Heights, for being this amazing novel that shows us how people hurt one another.

Sunrise or sunset?: Sunrise. My husband and I recently drove to the coast and watched the sunrise over the ocean.

There is nothing like it in the entire world. I love watching the light slowly spill over the dark.

Shown above: Sunrise, image provided by Juju

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