Meet The Coven: Nicole - Books!

Nicole, founder of Books!
Shown above: Shelves of books. Image provided by Nicole (via Wikipedia)
Why I blog about books: It started off as listing the books I'd read and wanted to read on LibraryThing and GoodReads, because I always forget what I'm intending to request from the library. It slowly evolved to the point where I now post reviews of most of the books I read on my blog. More about Nicole: Favorite season: Summer! Not only does it include my birthday, it's the only time of year I find the temperature consistently comfortable. (For whatever reason, I'm always freezing even when others think it's warm.) Favorite color: Can't pick just one, but I love really dark blues, greens, and reds as well as black. This may stem from living in stark white apartments for the last ten or so years. Visit Nicole at: Books! Browse bios View tour stops