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William Shakespeare
(Stage play, probably Private Lives, Noël shown on left)
Noël Coward
(Frontispiece of Byron for Byron by Ethel Mayne, 1913. Engraving by T. Lupton after painting by Thomas Phillips.)
Lord Byron Oscar Wilde Charlotte Brontë (Painting by their brother, Patrick Branwell Brontë, circa 1834. From left to right, they are Anne, Emily, and Charlotte; Branwell originally painted himself between Emily and Charlotte, but later painted himself out. There is still an outline of his form in the pillar.) The Brontë sisters (Portrait of Charles Baudelaire, 1844) Artist: Emile Deroy (1820 - 1846) Charles Baudelaire Dorothy Parker (A copy photograph of the portrait painted by Oscar Halling in the late 1860's of Edgar Allan Poe. Halling used the "Thompson" daguerreotype, one of the last portraits taken of Poe in 1849, as a model for this painting.) (1848 Daguerreotype of Edgar Allan Poe at 39, a year before his death) (Nevermore) Edgar Allan Poe (Portrait of Dostoevsky, 1872) (Artist: Vassilij Grigorovič Perov) Fyodor Dostoevsky H.P. Lovecraft (Mark Twain (penname of Samuel Langhorne Clemens) in the lab of Nikola Tesla, spring of 1894. Taken in the spring of 1894, and originally published as part of an article by T.C. Martin called "Tesla's Oscillator and Other Inventions" that appeared in the Century Magazine (April 1895).) (Mark Twain House, 351 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Hartford County, CT - Interior, first floor, library, east wall with fireplace and mantle) (Mark Twain portrait from Appleton's Journal July 4, 1874) (Twain's wife Olivia, a.k.a. Livy) (1898 oil portrait of Mark Twain by Ignace Spiridon) Mark Twain P.G. Wodehouse Alexander Pushkin
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