Meet The Coven: Question credits

If anyone's just curious who asked which question in the Meet The Coven profiles, here we go -- roll credits... Sunrise or sunset? (Elie, Ellz Readz) Coffee or tea: (Andrea, The Little Bookworm) What's the one book you read over and over and over again as a kid/teenager? (Jill, The O.W.L. Blog) Out of all the books you've all read, which one sticks out in your mind the most and why? (Eleni, La Femme Readers) What is/are your favorite genre(s)? (Michelle, Michelle’s Book Blog) Do you have a favorite young adult (YA) series?/Favorite young adult series: Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia? (Michelle, The True Book Addict) If you could only read one book for an entire month which book would it be? (Juju, Tales of Whimsy…) Where do you like to read? (Trisha Lynn, Trisha’s Book Blog) (to add:, Nicole, Books!) (to add: Allison, Well-Read Reviews) Literary guilty pleasures Which is the most dangerous - a vampire, a unicorn or a lion, and why? (Aimee, My Fluttering Heart) (to add: Emily, What Book Is That?) Do you have any favorite television shows? (Charity Lynn, Keep On Booking) What would your dream job be? (Cat, Beyond Books) What’s your favorite quote for today? (Tina, Tina’s Book Reviews)