Meet the Coven: Miss Eliza - Strange & Random Happenstance

Miss Eliza, founder of Strange & Random Happenstance
Why I blog about books: I blog about books because I usually have so much I have to say about the vast amount of books I read and I needed an outlet and also a source to connect with fellow book geeks, enter my blog! My name for my blog was vaguely drawn from a line in Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, whereas Miss Eliza is my Austen handle, really being an Elizabeth. More about Miss Eliza: Favorite comfort food: Mashed potatoes (Must be the Irish in me) Jane Austen or Emily Brontë?: Jane, but now if you put all the Brontës opposite Jane, possibly a tie. Favorite season: Fall, because it's so colorful and has Halloween, with the other holidays fast approaching. Favorite color: Depends on my mood and what room I'm in, but yellow is always wonderful, sunny and happy. Favorite classics: Austen, I'm really too much of a Jane Austen fan to stray...but is that an Anthony Trollope book hiding behind your back? Sunrise or sunset?: Sunset, never been much of a daylight girl and I love my sleep so I tend to only see sunrise from the wrong side. Coffee or tea: Tea, coffee is icky and not British enough for my tastes. What's the one book you read over and over and over again as a kid/teenager?: The Princess Bride by William Goldman, tied with The Time Garden by Edward Eager Out of all the books you've all read, which one sticks out in your mind the most and why?: Too many books! Brain in overload. I'll go with Slaughterhouse Five, because I realized books read in school didn't have to be crap -- My Brother Sam is Dead, anyone? What are your favorite genres?: Young adult or adult sci-fi/fantasy, but I'm also a sucker for classics. Do you have a favorite young adult (YA) series?: A tie between Shannon Hale's Bayern books and Lloyd Alexander's Prydain series. Favorite young adult series: Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia?: Harry Potter all the way, Narnia goes wacko at the end and then there's that weird rapture and I'm staying with Susan back in England, thank you! If you could only read one book for an entire month, which book would it be?: I'd choose a long book, so as to have lots of time to read, perhaps Richardson's Clarissa, it is one of the longest books in the English language and I can revel in the life of Lovelace. Where do you like to read?: My library. Yes, I have a library, geek that I am. Which is the most dangerous - a vampire, a unicorn or a lion, and why?: Unicorns. Their supposed purity and their love of virgins indicates a darker agenda. I just think they're thirsting for my blood. Do you have any favorite television shows?: Oh yes, many! Favorites of all time, anything Joss Whedon, anything British and written by Andrew Davies. Smallville, Black Books, Wonderfalls, brain locking, too many choices, all of which I could watch over and over again. What would your dream job be?: Elite paid book reviewer, the elite part meaning I get to choose the books I review. What’s your favorite quote for today?: "I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time." - Neil Gaiman What's your favorite kind of pie?: Today I'm saying peach, it will definitely change tomorrow. Visit Miss Eliza at Strange & Random Happenstance Browse more bios View tour stops