Meet The Coven: Becky - The Bookette

Becky, founder of The Bookette
More about Becky: Why I blog about books: Someone once told me the Internet was built on love, I thought that was such a positive concept. There is too much conflict in the world. I blog about books because I love them and it's way to connect with people anywhere and everywhere who share that feeling. More about Becky: Sunrise or sunset?: Sunrise Coffee or tea: Tea, no question about that. What's the one book you read over and over and over again as a kid/teenager?: The Town and The Country Mouse by Ken McKie (a Ladybird Book). Out of all the books you've all read, which one sticks out in your mind the most and why?: Paradise Lost. I read it as part of my English degree and it was hard work. Now, nearly five years later, I'm so glad I did. When I read, I see references to it everywhere. It's like having secret knowledge. What is/are your favorite genre(s)?: Fantasy, paranormal romance and history. Do you have a favorite young adult (YA) series?: I love series books. I'm not sure I can choose between them. At the moment, I'm addicted to The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Where do you like to read?: Either curled up on the sofa or in bed with a mug of hot chocolate. What is your one literary guilty pleasure?: True Blood by Charlaine Harris. Do you have any favorite television shows?: Indeed, I do. I love The Mentalist, Strictly Come Dancing, CSI and Stargate Atlantis. What would your dream job be?: A children's author, but I do love being a children's librarian. What’s your favorite quote for today?: "There's no place like home." (Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz). If you could be one heroine in any book, who would you be?: Lizzy Bennet, who would not want to marry Mr. Darcy? Visit Becky at The Bookette Browse more bios View tour stops