Meet The Coven: Cat - Beyond Books

Cat, founder of Beyond Books
Why I blog about books: Honestly, my book blogging is just an offshoot of my personal blog ( I've been blogging since the end of 2003, on various free blogs, until I decided to host my own. I used to post mini book reviews on my personal blog when I wanted my readers (all five of them - ha!) to know about a great book. A close friend of mine started a book blog and I thought it would be a nifty idea to try out so I could keep track of my book posts separately. Thus, Beyond Books was born! More about Cat: Favorite classic: Strangely, I've never liked any classic I have ever read. Nor do I like the "classic" movies. In my college film courses, my teacher always used to start class with, "Today we're going to watch another film that everyone except Cat will love. And we will proceed to mock her at the end." I always loved the films that everyone else hated. Favorite comfort food: Mashed potatoes with sweet potato mixed in. My parents do this and it's so comforting! Jane Austen or Emily Brontë?: Have not read either of them. Favorite season: AUTUMN! Something about the colours and the temperature and the way the sunlight makes everything softer. Favorite color: Purple! Why? I don't know, but a random Cat Fact: I have written in purple pen since grade 6 (11-12 years old) and to this day (many, many moons later) I still do! Visit Cat at Beyond Books Browse more bios View tour stops