Take Five: #9 of 30: Spinning the story

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Nov. 3 - Nov. 30, 2010

Courtesy: Sasha Soren (Random Magic)
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#9 of 30: Spinning the story

  There are writers who are very character-oriented, and so they know the characters, first, and that tells them the story. 

Or, they know the plot, and figure out what happens to the characters within the framework of the plot, and go about it that way, from almost the opposite direction. 

Some people benefit from mapping out their story ahead of time, in an outline, because they like to have the ground ahead of them be as clear as possible.

These are all good approaches -- whatever works to help you get the story on the page, then that’s a useful thing. 

For me, I don’t plan ahead, and don’t have a strong idea about any particular character, they kind of tell me about themselves as we go along, until finally I just kind of know how some particular character would react. They become familiar, like old friends.

But, apart from that, really just start with something that puzzles me, or intrigues me, or makes me curious, and just try to follow the questions, until there aren’t any more to answer

From author interview with Sasha Soren.
Interviewer: Book Junkie (@BookJunkie74)

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