Take Five: #8 of 30: Answering 'What if...?'

Take Five
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Nov. 3 - Nov. 30, 2010

Courtesy: Sasha Soren (Random Magic)
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#8 of 30: Answering 'What if...?'

Some curious idea will just pop up, and it won’t have an easy answer. So, that draws my attention. 

The rest of it is kind of trying to answer the question, “What if…?”

I think all books start that way. You’re just trying to answer some particular question.

Then you have another question, and try to answer that one, and just keep going until everything ends up making a strange kind of sense. 

I do think that everyone goes about answering questions in their own way, though. More on that, here

From author interview with Sasha Soren.
Interviewer: Book Junkie (@BookJunkie74)

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