Take Five: #20 of 30: Weekending starts with work

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Nov. 3 - Nov. 30, 2010

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#20 of 30: Weekending starts with work

Guest author: Margo Lanagan
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I filled up one particular weekend by:

    * Drafting one short story to the end, typing it up and printing it out.
    * Half-drafting a second story rescued from a previous draft.
    * Reading several manuscripts.
    * Reading grant applications.
    * Going for a bike ride.
    * Attending a panel at the 2010 Graphic festival.
    * Eating (in and out, with and without friends).
    * Sleeping (in).

Oh, yes -- a smidgen of tweeting was done, too.

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Source: Author Margo Lanagan's personal blog
Supplementary material: Arte Six
Used with permission.

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