Take Five: #14 of 30: Relax and revive

Take Five
Five-minute reads about writing
Nov. 3 - Nov. 30, 2010

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#14 of 30: Relax and revive   

You've made it this far, that's great! But it's not efficient to be a writing machine ad infinitum. There's a point when pushing yourself ahead only results in diminishing returns.

If you've come this far, you've done well and it's time to take a break to relax and revive. Writing is physically arduous, as much as it is mentally or emotionally arduous, and you'll be able to write more efficiently if you give yourself a quick break and come back to the keyboard restored.

So, for this Take Five read -- no writing allowed! Please just choose from some of the suggestions below, or make up your own, and get serious about chilling out. 

Yes, of course, get back to writing feverishly. But first:

*Take a walk
*Take a ride
*Make a fresh pot of tea or coffee
*Pour a fresh soda, can throw in a lemon slice (fancy!)
*Have a bubble bath or hot shower
*Enjoy a nice dinner or lunch
*Order in, pick a favorite you've been craving
*Listen to a fave podcast or radio station
*Make a grocery run, and pick up some writing snacks
*Do the laundry, the dishes, or take out the garbage
*Find buddies for a Midnight Write-In tomorrow (Simple, you just agree to start writing at midnight, your time, for 15 minutes, tagging it: #MidnightWriteIn on Twitter.)
*Buy a book to read after you hit 30k
*Watch a movie
*Update your progress (if appl.)
*Give yourself an hour or two to socialize on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
*Catch up on Take Five
*Print out a fresh copy of your manuscript and put it aside for a quick edit on your return from 'chillin' like a villain' 
*Play a tune you really like, dancing optional
*Let your family and friends know you're still alive, because there could be questions
*Cook something delicious
*Sketch, draw or paint something 
*Buy fresh flowers or candles for your next writing session 
*Pick your own small reward and make it simple but luxurious, like fresh strawberries or a glass of wine, or treating yourself to a small gift
*Put in a one-hour workout, but make it something fun
*Daydream for an hour
*Take an online quiz
*For cat and dog lovers, spend five minutes showering Frisky or Fido with attention
*Wiki something just for fun, can do 'serious' research later
*Visualize your ending scene and know you'll get there
*Watch this video for a laugh, and feel free to sing along -- you know you wanna!

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