Take Five: #5 of 30: Do the work

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Nov. 3 - Nov. 30, 2010

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#5 of 30: Do the work

Guest author: Lisa Cach
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Write the book.  

Yeah, this sounds obvious, but if you’re a new writer, and unpublished, it’s easy to distract yourself with joining groups, looking up agents, researching publishers, or talking to friends about the book. 

Instead, write the book. You’re going to learn a lot about writing while you do it. 

Actually, you’ll learn a lot about writing just from composing the first page of a novel: most of all, you’ll learn how hard it really is, and how much thinking has to happen before those first words are put down. 

Lots of people have great ideas for books, but never translate the idea from their head to paper.  

Don’t be one of them. Write the book.

From author interview with guest author Lisa Cach.
Interviewer: My Love Affair With Books (@Misha_1989)

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