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Art and Quotes
The Window Seat (1901), William Orpen
[The reader] buried himself in books; in old, dusty books. He studied diligently the ancient poetic lore of Germany, from Frankish Legends of Saint George, and Saxon Rhyme-Chronicles, down through Nibelungen Lieds, and Helden-Buchs, and Songs of the Minnesingers and Mastersingers, and Ships of Fools, and Reinecke Foxes, and Death-Dances and Lamentations of Damned Souls, into the bright, sunny land of harvests, where, amid the golden grain and the blue cornflowers, walk the modern bards, and sing.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Discussions and Book Chats

Bookie Brunch question: Has blogging changed your reading habits?

Book blogging has definitely changed my reading habits...before I started blogging I would buy an entire series of books all at once and read a book a day. Now that my mind has been trained to absorb not just the story but the technical aspects as well I find I'm not reading as quickly, but more consistently. - Amanda (host), Story Wings

Yes, book blogging has changed my reading habits. I find that since I've been posting reviews, I pay a bit more attention when I'm reading, and I make a few notes, as well (I use a blank index card for those). I've been exposed to books and authors through book blogging that I wouldn't have heard of otherwise, so my reading has been expanded past what I used to read. - Jo, The Fluidity of Time

Book blogging has not changed my reading habits, it's only expanded them! With a blog, you're expected to keep regularly posting about books, and so it's only made me read twice as many books as I normally would. Also, when visiting blogs, you see these new titles that you've probably never heard of before. - Jazmin, Books!!!
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Events and Parties

December 10-25, 2011: Visit: Feel free to join a group of great bloggers for a virtual round of caroling, with Songs of the Season, a fun and quirky music hop. From Dec. 10-25, discover new songs handpicked by each host, along with other fun things to enjoy each day. Event production by Random Magic Tour (@RandomMagicTour). Visit

Memes and Features
(Incl. reading challenges)

Weekly: Every weekend (Fri. thru Sun.): Visit: Random Magic Tour (@RandomMagicTour) invites you to find and share a beautiful book nook every weekend - posts include a badge collection of all the pretty libraries, coffee shops or various reading rooms. Every weekend through Dec. 31, 2011. Visit or Participate

Videos and Vloggers

Shown above: The Book Bunny (@The_BookBunny) shares some of the titles she's
acquired recently.

Shown above: Vlogger RachelSuperbook shares some of the titles she's acquired recently.

Shown above: Book vlogger TheeBookMonster (alt channel LiddysLife) invites viewers to join her for a winter walk. TheeBookMonster and RachelSuperbook are planning to post new vlogs daily throughout December, as part of their December Vlogathon.

Shown above: Book vlogger eLizzie (@elizziebeth) shares some assorted thoughts, including a take on YouTube's new site design.

Book Adaptations and Media Marvels
(Incl. movies, music, games, tech, publishing news, other.)

Movies featuring writers: Becoming Jane
About: Based on the book, Becoming Jane Austen, by Jon Spence. Depiction of the early life of writer Jane Austen.

Shown above: Visit some of the most beautiful places in the world via World Site Guides.
This week's tour: The Appian Way (Via Appia)

About: Of all the roads that led to Rome, the Appian Way was the most famous and the most strategically important road in ancient Rome. It eventually stretched all the way from Rome to the seaport of Brindisi in southeast Italy, through which trade with the East was funneled.

The Romans were masters of road construction and had some of the very finest engineers in the world. All their roads were connected to Rome, where the Master Itinerarium was located. This was a list of all the destinations along each road all the way to the border of their empire, hence the expression, 'All roads lead to Rome.' (Excerpt courtesy World Site Guides)

Shown above: Cute little talking bear with limited speech recognition capabilities provides a bit of 21st century, interactive storytelling. By the way, this cute toy (Cooper the bear) can be won as part of an offer from the manufacturer, Hallmark. Details in goodies section below. Video review by vlogger Inside the Wendy House.

Goodies and Giveaways

WIN: Enter: Through December 31, 2011: Now you won't have to wonder if the movie is as good as the book or not - win this classic novel and matching movie version. This set features a paperback edition of The Age of Innocence with a new, beautifully designed cover and a DVD of the feature film, nestled together in a sturdy case. This could be a nice treat to keep for a rainy weekend. Sponsor: Random Magic Tour. Win this book-and-DVD set

About the book: Edith Wharton's novel is a masterful portrait of desire and betrayal set during the sumptuous Gilded Age of Old New York, a time when society dreaded scandal more than death. This is Newland Archer's milieu as he prepares to marry conventional socialite May Welland. But when the mysterious Countess Ellen Olenska returns to New York, Archer falls deeply in love with her. Torn between duty and passion, Archer struggles to make a decision that will either courageously define his life - or mercilessly destroy it. (Publisher desc.)

Win: Enter: Through December 22, 2011: Win a Sony Vaio laptop (shown above). Offer via brand ambassador for Windows 7. (More)

Win: Enter: Through December 18, 2011: A collective of bloggers have gotten together to offer one winner a nice prize pack of a new Kindle Fire (product image shown above) plus an Amazon gift card to help stock up on titles right away. (More)

Win: Enter: Through December 16, 2011: Amazon gift card to spend on books, e-books, movies, etc. (More)

Win: Enter: Through December 16, 2011: Cute little stuffed animal and book Story Buddy set (Jingle the husky puppy and Cooper the bear - interactive, speech recognition activated), chance to one set of Jingle and Cooper. (More)

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Shown above: Leaning bookends

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WIN: Enter: Through December 15, 2011: Win a great time - just add nibbles and a few buddies, to host your own 1930s mob movie marathon! (cont'd below)

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Part of Guys and Molls party - win a cute prize pack of a multi-title DVD (shown above) and mobster-speak flashcard set (shown above). Sponsor: Random Magic Tour. (More)

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WIN: Enter: Through December 15, 2011: Win a delicious book and DVD set of a creepy classic, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, as part of Bookie Brunch - Halloween edition. Interior artwork shown below. Sponsor: Random Magic Tour. Browse details

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WIN this book at Bookie Brunch, offer open through December 15, 2011.
About: When publisher Thomas Cadell declined an unsolicited manuscript offered to him by a Hampshire clergyman in 1797, he made one of the biggest mistakes in publishing history, for the manuscript was an early version of Pride and Prejudice, and the clergyman's daughter was destined to become one of the most recognizable names in literature... Sponsor: Random Magic Tour. (More)

Win: Enter: Through December 15, 2011: A collective of bloggers is offering one prize of e-reader Kindle Touch (product shown above), plus a gift card to spend at Amazon.com. Please note: Offer not made or sponsored by Random Magic Tour. (More)

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Grapevine, Last-Minute News and Misc.

Launching January 2012: Chrystal at Snowdrop Dreams of Books (@snowdropdreams) will be starting a new profile series, featuring five questions. Open to authors and bloggers, and she invites you to get in touch with her if you'd like to participate. Contact: Email or Twitter

Book Nooks
Source: Daily Dose


Jan. 1- Dec. 31, 2012: Visit or Sign up: Host Tiffany from For Those About to Read (@AboutToRead) invites you to indulge yourself in up to 10 tales of myths and legends, in the Mythology Challenge, with focus on teen fiction (also called young adult fiction, or YA). Visit or Sign up

January, 2012: Visit or Sign up: Host A Literary Odyssey invites you to get down your dusty volumes of the Bard of Avon, and join her for a month of reading the works of William Shakespeare. Visit or Sign up

By the way, William Shakespeare does put in an appearance in Random Magic, by Sasha Soren. At a party held among the clouds. With some pals like Lord Byron and Mark Twain. Thrown by a celestial muse who can't stop falling into fountains overflowing with vodka tonics. There's also a nine-dimensional cat. It all gets a bit complicated. Yes, slightly skewed version of Shakespeare, granted - ah, the secret life of William 'Shakes' Shakespeare...

Jan. 1- Dec. 31, 2012: Visit or Sign up: The Greek Classics reading challenge arrives in 2012. From the host: Take a look at the roots of Western civilization and ponder the great questions of existence by reading some ancient Greek literature. Participants will be reading from one to 12 classics of Greek literature. Host is Jean of Howling Frog Books and Musings of a Bookworm, no contact info available. Visit or Sign up

Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2012: Visit or Sign up: Explore a debut author, in the Debut Authors reading challenge, hosted by Book Addict (@jennifer_q85). Visit or Sign up

Jan.1-Dec.31, 2012: Visit or Sign up: Rosey's Review (@roseysreview) invites you to join her for a year of reading dystopian fiction.

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Header image: The Window Seat (1901), by William Orpen
Image source: Seeking Beauty
Supplementary info on image avail.: Artfact, Flickr
Biography: William Orpen (27 November 1878 - 29 September 1931)
Additional material from Hyperion (source of quote on reading in this week's edition) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Browse

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