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Commentary: Secluded but open to the sky, luxurious but casual - this charming spot is an appealing study in contradictions.

It's hard to pick the most welcoming thing about this particular spot; it could be the luminous quality of light, the expansive view, or the soothing greenery. It might just the fact that lots of small details have been anticipated and attended to with minimal fuss, in order to make the visitor feel at ease.

The space is cozy without being cluttered. The sturdy teak table is a good choice, wide enough to hold a few books and maybe a serving tray, low enough to be within easy reach. The metal frames of the matching couches don't look particularly comfortable, but the cushions make up for it, in addition to pillows for a lazy afternoon, or light blanket for chilly evenings. 

There's sunshine for reading during the day, with candles provided to provide enough illumination to read just one more page...

The only thing that might be missing is a rug to offset the scrape of those metal couch legs against the wood grain. It's definitely a consideration if those are slats and those couch legs are narrow enough that they'll tip into one of the spaces between - someone's going to wake up with a jolt, one day.  

In any case, a rug would just enhance the feeling of seclusion and quiet walking, talking - and, of course, reading. This charming spot has quite a few of the things that signal a top-notch reading nook; seclusion and peace, bright light, sturdy tables close at hand, and a focus on tranquility and comfort. Bella.

Details: Location unknown, photographer is Mikkel Vang. Part of slideshow in featuring cozy places, slide #45 of 46. 
The description given is: There's no reason why outdoor furniture shouldn't be as comfortable as indoor furniture. The inviting daybeds on this upstairs balcony are from the Amalfi collection by Janus et Cie and are covered in outdoor fabric from Kravet. The starry print on two of the pillows is Smith's Star Atlantico in Ocean, from Jasper. Teak coffee table and side tables from Sutherland. Glass hurricane lamps from Home Art.