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Commentary: Cute little garden pagoda. You're outside, but you're inside, and vice versa. Lots of pillows to make the visitor more comfortable, light source is effective but pretty - paper lanterns. The semi-tinted glass panels at the top are a nice touch, too, letting in enough natural light without too much sun glare.

Drapes are nice, to screen out the sun when it's too sunny, but entire spot is open to the garden and probably some nice sights and scents and sounds. This looks like it could be a nice reading nook whether it's sunny or rainy. This would be a nice spot for writers as well as readers - very mellow and low-key.

Details: Image is part of a slideshow feature at House Beautiful, slide #24 of 46. Description for this image was: Pagoda was made California-cozy with curtains, big cushions, and pillows and paper lanterns from Ikea. Designer is Jay Griffith.

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