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Commentary: 'Darling, I'm just going to step into this little nook in my insanely outlandish, yet strangely beautiful castle.' 'Oh, all right.'

The person who dreamed this castle up was popularly called the Fairy Tale King, the Swan King - and the Mad King of Bavaria. But you were probably guessing something along those lines, anyway...

Whether it's your point of view that this fellow, Ludwig II, was a misunderstood dreamer or shy eccentric, or a madman with an expensive hobby - NICE CASTLE! 

Shown above: Video tour of the castle, courtesy of World Site Guides
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By the way, the Swan King appears briefly as a character in Random Magic, by Sasha Soren. More images of the castle here (Sängerhalle, or singer's hall), here (drawing room) and here (study). Additional images: Throne roomdining room.
Details: Bedroom, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bavaria