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This is just the quick bit of information you'd need to participate in Women Reading by doing your own weekly post, feel free to jump in whenever you like. The posts go up each Wednesday - or every Sunday, if you'd have more time to do a weekend edition.

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Women Reading (weekly)
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Edition: Nov. 2, 2011

1. Grab the meme image and text info shown above.

2. Select a nice image of a woman reading. Include title, artist, and link to image source.

3. Pick a reading quote you like.

4. Share info on any cool events, memes, or giveaways you've seen recently. You can ask visitors to let you know in comments about events you've missed.

The categories each week are always the same, to keep it simple, and all of some of them can be included. You can just cut and paste the standard categories, shown below:

Art and Quotes
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Memes and Features
(Includes reading challenges)
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(Includes movies, music, games, tech, publishing news, other)
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5a. Leave a link to your Women Reading post in the linky provided.
5b. Grab the code to generate your own linky ('Get the inLinkz code') and drop it at the bottom of your own post, and you'll have the same cute thumbnail links to display.

6. Feel free to visit any of the interesting blogs mentioned in any Women Reading posts. Feel free to show some comments love if you see something you like or appreciate.

That's it!

See some examples, if that helps:

Notes: Image at header via Daily Dose. Artist unknown.