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Art and Quotes
Reading in the Garden, Nikolai Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky
In my garden I spend my days; in my library I spend my nights. My interests are divided between my geraniums and my books. With the flower I am in the present; with the book I am in the past. I go into my library, and all history unrolls before me. I breathe the morning air of the world while the scent of Eden's roses yet lingered in it, while it vibrated only to the world's first brood of nightingales, and to the laugh of Eve. I see the pyramids building; I hear the shoutings of the armies of Alexander; I feel the ground shake beneath the march of Cambyses. I sit as in a theatre,—the stage is time, the play is the play of the world. What a spectacle it is! [...]

O men and women so far separated yet so near, so strange yet so well known, by what miraculous power do I know ye all! Books are the true Elysian fields, where the spirits of the dead converse; and into these fields a mortal may venture unappalled. What king's court can boast such company? - Alexander Smith

Discussions and Book Chats

Bookie Brunch question: How do you discover new books? Do you look for recommendations on book blogs, ask your friends, go to the library? All of the above? None of the above? Have you ever received a book recommendation from a completely unexpected source?

Since I'm a librarian, I'm always ordering new books for the collection, and I'm always reading reviews (professional journals, newspapers, online sources, book blogs). - Jo (host), The Fluidity of Time

I discover new books from other bloggers, publisher catalogs, and goodreads. - Tiffany, About to Read

I find most of them on blogs and on goodreads, but I also find them at the library and *gasp!* at the bookstore! I follow many bloggers who have the same tastes in reading as myself. Last week I added my 1000th book on goodreads and I've created a series of shelves to help me keep track of how I find books to read. So far, 'Saw it on a blog' has the most books with 96.

I find new books from other online sources, too, like NetGalley, Shelf Awareness, Amazon Vine, and publisher newsletters. My library sends out an email every week with all of the new titles they've acquired, and mostly I find books I already wanted to read and add them to my check-out list, but occasionally I find a new one to add to the list. - Jenny, Let Them Read Books

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Events and Parties

Nov. 23-30: Visit: Oh! For the Love of Books! and Of Thoughts and Words (@WordDiaries) have put together a brief blog hop to celebrate debut authors, the event will feature giveaways and interviews with several authors. Visit

Nov. 26-27: Visit: The Bookish Brunette (@BookBrunette) hosts Saints and Sinners, about favorite fellas in fiction. (Tip credit: The Geeky Blogger)

Memes and Features
(Incl. reading challenges)

Weekly: Every weekend (Fri. thru Sun.): Random Magic Tour (@RandomMagicTour) invites you to find and share a beautiful book nook every weekend - posts include a badge collection of all the pretty libraries, coffee shops or various reading rooms. Every weekend through Dec. 31, 2011. Visit or Participate

Weekly: Every Sunday: Jo at The Fluidity of Time shares some of her adventures as a librarian, in Library Lagniappe. Visit

Take Five series: Nov. 1-30, 2011: Visit: The Take Five series is a month-long feature this November, featuring writing advice to help with NaNoWriMo. The series is curated by author Sasha Soren (Random Magic). Browse all posts

Home for the Holidays reading challenge: Nov. 28 - Dec. 31, 2011: Visit or Sign Up: A Blooming Spirit (@Marie_Chamorro) invites you take part in Home for the Holidays reading challenge. Message from the host: I am hoping you will join me and take on the challenge of reading your favorite winter holiday books, as well as some new ones.

Videos and Vloggers

Shown above: Liddy at Thee, Book Monster shares some of the titles she's acquired recently.

Shown above: Stevie at SableCaught shares her thoughts on Oxford (UK) and takes you on a quick tour. Video includes some bookish places, mix of old and new architecture.

Shown above: Review of The Age of Innocence, by vlogger SSP. Win a copy of this film at Bookie Brunch this week! Win this book-and-DVD set (Through Dec. 31, 2011)

Book Adaptations and Media Marvels
(Incl. movies, music, games, tech, publishing news, other.)

Shown above: Amusing series based on time-swap Jane Austen theme.
This episode: 'Transportation'

Shown above: Theme (outro), Foyle's War

Well, here's an interesting spin on the concept of 'try before you buy' that might be welcome news for folks who enjoy British programming and costume drama.

Acorn Media, which owns the rights to 20th century costume drama/mystery Foyle's War, in addition to several other titles, is making full episodes of various shows available for a limited time, with an onscreen option to buy episodes in DVD format or have them available in streaming format as part of an Acorn Online TV subscription. Details: Register to watch free episodes, with option to upgrade to subscription.

Shown above: Preview, 'The French Drop'

About: Investigating a suspicious death, Foyle gets caught up in the rivalry between the established spy agency MI5 and the newly created SOE (Special Operations Executive).
Watch: 'The French Drop,' Foyle's War
Available Nov. 28, 2011

Shown above: Author interview with Erica Bauermeister. You can win a copy of the book she's discussing here, at a November Bookie Brunch hosted at The Fluidity of Time. Browse details

Goodies and Giveaways

WIN: Enter: Through December 31, 2011: Now you won't have to wonder if the movie is as good as the book or not - win this classic novel and matching movie version. This set features a paperback edition of The Age of Innocence with a new, beautifully designed cover and a DVD of the feature film, nestled together in a sturdy case. This could be a nice treat to keep for a rainy weekend. Win this book-and-DVD set

About the book: Edith Wharton's novel is a masterful portrait of desire and betrayal set during the sumptuous Gilded Age of Old New York, a time when society dreaded scandal more than death. This is Newland Archer's milieu as he prepares to marry conventional socialite May Welland. But when the mysterious Countess Ellen Olenska returns to New York, Archer falls deeply in love with her. Torn between duty and passion, Archer struggles to make a decision that will either courageously define his life - or mercilessly destroy it. (Publisher desc.)

WIN: Enter: Through December 15, 2011: Win a great time - just add nibbles and a few buddies, to host your own 1930s mob movie marathon! Part of Guys and Molls party - win a cute prize pack of a multi-title DVD (shown above) and mobster-speak flashcard set (shown below).

Preview: Check out the deck
Win this: Details
Through Dec. 15, 2011

WIN: Enter: Through December 15, 2011: There are several charming Jane Austen-related titles introduced as prizes during Pemberley Ball, and most offers open through Dec. 15, feel free to browse some of them: Browse titles

WIN: Enter: Through December 15, 2011: Win a delicious book and DVD set of a creepy classic, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, as part of Bookie Brunch - Halloween edition. Interior artwork shown below. Browse details

Win: Enter: Through December 15, 2011: Win a charming book for a favorite foodie, or just a cozy read for chilly weather. Part of Bookie Brunch, host is The Fluidity of Time.
Preview book | Browse offer details

WIN this book at Bookie Brunch, offer open through December 15, 2011.
About: When publisher Thomas Cadell declined an unsolicited manuscript offered to him by a Hampshire clergyman in 1797, he made one of the biggest mistakes in publishing history, for the manuscript was an early version of Pride and Prejudice, and the clergyman's daughter was destined to become one of the most recognizable names in literature... (More)

WIN: Enter: UK only: Piccadilly Press has cute offer, although only available to residents of UK and more of interest to readers of teen stories and picture books, rather than novels - but it's still going to be a nice package of books for someone. Tip credit to Book Angel - Booktopia (@BookAngel_Emma), via Twitter. Browse offer details

WIN: Enter: Through December 3, 2011: Titles of your choice up to value of USD 20 from The Book Depository. Offered by Librarian Mouse (@Sontrei).

WIN: Enter: Through December 2, 2011: Win up to USD 500 of quirky Chronicle Books titles - plus a matching big box of the same titles you've selected, for one other person. There are a few rules, but they're all simple. (Details)

WIN: Enter: Through Nov. 30, 2011: Win a trip to London via retailer The Foundary (@The_Foundary) and interior design site Apartment Therapy (@AptTherapy), with their co-sponsored London Calling sweepstakes. Offer includes hotel stay and flight allowance. Open through Nov. 30, 2011. Details

WIN: Enter: Through November 28, 2011: Lucy of Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf (@MoonlightGleams) is celebrating her one-year blogoversary and offers three winners a Book Depository certificate up to USD 10 each.

WIN: Enter: Through November 27, 2011: A rare chance to win a copy of Random Magic (Sasha Soren) during Pemberley Ball festivities at vvb32readsDetails

Grapevine, Last-Minute News and Misc.

News: Writer Anne McCaffrey has died.
About this author: Wiki | Books | Home

Harper, tell me of the road
That leads beyond this Hold,
That wends its way beyond the hill...
Does it go further on until
It ends in sunset's gold?
- Anne McCaffrey (1926-2011)

Seen around: Only the Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Team blog featuring reviews on fantasy or sci-fi books. Visit

Book Nooks

Source: Daily Dose
More Book Nooks!

December 1-24, 2011: Visit or Sign up: Hosts Kailana from The Written World and Marg (@MargReads) from Adventures of an Intrepid Reader invite you to be part of the virtual Advent Tour for 2011. This is the sixth year for the event, and it has become part of the book blogging community's holiday tradition.

From the hosts: Each day anyone who wants to participate takes turns sharing a treat with our friends here in blogland. It could be something about your family traditions, recipes, your country's holiday traditions, or a favorite Christmas memory, movie, book, song...anything you like. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, we would like to hear about what your family does during the holiday season, whether it be celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa (or a pagan holiday, etc.) or whatever it is that you do during this time. Visit or Sign up

Dec. 1-31, 2011: Snowed In: Visit or Participate: What Book is That? (@whatbookemily) will be hosting an indie author event (shown above) in December. Event description provided by blogger: Every day in December, a different indie book will be reviewed. Each review will have a giveaway attached for e-books, print books or gift certificates. Stop by every day for a new chance to win!

Jan. 1- Dec. 31, 2012: Visit or Sign up: The Greek Classics reading challenge arrives in 2012. From the host: Take a look at the roots of Western civilization and ponder the great questions of existence by reading some ancient Greek literature. Participants will be reading from one to 12 classics of Greek literature. Host is Jean of Howling Frog Books and Musings of a Bookworm, no contact info available. Visit or Sign up

Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2012: Visit or Sign up: Explore a debut author, in the Debut Authors reading challenge, hosted by Book Addict (@jennifer_q85). Visit or Sign up

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