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Commentary: This looks very pleasant and peaceful. The rustic elements are charming, and the entire room looks comfortable, with just enough room on the table for a pot of tea and a pile of books.
Details: Location and artist unknown, not given in original post.
Source: Desire to Inspire via ImgFave Join in: Add your own Book Nooks post You might also enjoy... * The Magic Lantern, by Sasha Soren - Browse some of the more offbeat movies based on Jane Austen novels. See also: The Fortune-Teller's Gift. * Bookie Brunch at The Fluidity of Time - The question this week is, 'How do you discover new books to read?' * Pemberley Ball continues at vvb32reads - The Jane Austen-related festivities have been extended beyond the original dates, and now conclude on Nov. 21.
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