Take Five: #4: The rule of five

Take Five
Five-minute reads about writing
to help you with NaNoWriMo
Nov. 1 - Nov. 30, 2011
Courtesy: Sasha Soren (Random Magic)
#4: The rule of five

Writer Maeve Binchy has advice on writing dialogue, everyday inspiration and learning how to listen - she also shares one simple but crucial secret...

Transcript (excerpt): There is a secret. It's not a nice secret. There are secrets to lots of things...With writing, the secret is to set yourself down and do not stand up until you have five pages written. And then you do that again on another day of the week.

If you do 10 pages every week, then you have 520 pages at the end of the year. And you don't give yourself time off for Christmas or Easter or Labor Day, or any bank holiday at all. You give yourself no time off, because it's once a week; you're self-employed.

And I think that's the most important rule. That's the only rule that works: I'm not going to leave this room until I have five pages written.

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