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Edition: Nov. 2, 2011

Art and Quotes

The other day, depressed on the underground, I tried to cheer myself up by thinking over the joys of our human lot. But there wasn't one of them for which I seemed to care a button - not wine, nor friendship, nor eating, nor making love, not the consciousness of virtue.

Was it worthwhile, then, going up in a lift into a world that had nothing less trite to offer? Then I thought of reading - the nice and subtle happiness of reading. This was enough, this joy not dulled by age, this polite and unpunishable vice, this selfish, serene, lifelong intoxication.
- Logan Pearsall Smith

Discussions and Book Chats

Bookie Brunch question: What's your favorite spooky story? If you don't like spooky stories, why do they not appeal to you?

I don't tend to read a lot of ghost stories or horror, although from time to time I choose one, just to spice up my reading. - Jo, The Fluidity of Time

I haven't read any spooky stories. - Christina (@Booklover_622), I Love Books

Events and Parties

(No details for this category this week - if you happen to hear of a last-minute party, feel free to give a shout and we can include it if it looks interesting: @RandomMagicTour)

Memes and Features
(Incl. reading challenges)

Royal Reviews (@royalreviews) has some sort of romance fiction challenge, for fans of that genre. Reading challenge, through December 2011. Visit or Sign up

Monthly: Visit or Participate: What's on your Nightstand? at Five Minutes for Books (@5M4B): Blogger-provided info: What are you reading? What have you recently finished reading? What do you hope to read in the next month? These are all questions we ask and answer on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the What’s on Your Nightstand meme.

Videos and Vloggers

Shown above: Live the Language - Barcelona. From a charming set of four short films about the language of a particular city. This one is for Barcelona, and displays words for various items a traveler might experience. The series of short films are an advertisement for a language learning school called Education First (EF), but they're cute and quirky on their own. We'll include one of each of the films in each edition of Women Reading. Previously covered: Paris.

Shown above: Christina of I Love Books does a reading from Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility (1811) in honor of the bicentenary (1811-2011, celebrating publication of Austen's first published nove). This vlog was part of a special party, A Rather Lovely Soirée for Talk like Jane Austen Day.

Shown above: Jools of Inky Pages does a reading from Jane Austen's The Watsons. The manuscript for this unfinished Jane Austen work sold at auction in 2011, for some £1m ($1.6m) - three times its reserve price. This vlog was part of a special party, A Rather Lovely Soirée for Talk like Jane Austen Day.

Shown above: Stevie of Sable Caught poses a Jane Austen quiz, with a giveaway ending Nov. 4. How well do you know Jane Austen's works? Find out! This vlog was part of a special party, A Rather Lovely Soirée for Talk like Jane Austen Day.

Shown above: Jennie (@joaniefontana), of Jennie's Corner, shares some of her favorite Halloween book picks.

Shown above: Sarah of Sarah Says Read (@SarahSaysRead) shares some of the titles she's acquired recently.

Book Adaptations and Media Marvels
(Incl. movies, music, games, tech, publishing news, other.)

Shown above: Teaser trailer for upcoming film, The Raven (2012).

About: A serial killer challenges writer Edgar Allan Poe to solve a series of murders based on Poe's stories. Please note that content in trailer somewhat graphic, trailer itself quite loud. (More)
Note: Edgar Allan Poe makes a cameo appearance in Random Magic by Sasha Soren, and another character is named after a phrase in one of Poe's poems.

Shown above: The darkly romantic tale of Victor Frankenstein, whose obsession with overcoming death threatens to destroy his whole world. Win this movie (details), as part of a great book and DVD set at Bookie Brunch - Halloween edition.

Goodies and Giveaways

WIN: Enter: Through December 15, 2011: Win a delicious book and DVD set of a creepy classic, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, as part of Bookie Brunch - Halloween edition. Interior artwork shown below. Browse details

WIN this book at Bookie Brunch, offer open through December 15, 2011.
About: When publisher Thomas Cadell declined an unsolicited manuscript offered to him by a Hampshire clergyman in 1797, he made one of the biggest mistakes in publishing history, for the manuscript was an early version of Pride and Prejudice, and the clergyman's daughter was destined to become one of the most recognizable names in literature... (More)

WIN: Enter: Through November 13, 2011: Cute prize bundle of Jane Austen-related stationery, books (example shown above) and a tote bag.

WIN: Enter - Thru Nov. 21: Win this charming miniature of a late-20th-century perfume that wears like an older, more glamorous classic. Launched by design house Givenchy (founded by Hubert de Givenchy), Amarige is classified as a sharp, oriental, floral fragrance. Created by master perfumer Dominique Ropion. This timeless fragrances is a brunch gift, part of the Bookie Brunch discussion about favorite classic novels at This Miss Loves to Read (@MissIrenne)

WIN this book at A Rather Lovely Soirée, offer open through November 4, 2011 (GMT). Book offer by vlogger Sable Caught, play to win this book by watching a quick Jane Austen quiz and replying with your answers. (Watch video)

WIN a DVD set of three different versions of Sense and Sensibility from JaneAusten.nl. Through November 2, 2011. Not associated with Random Magic Tour but included as a related celebration during Talk like Jane Austen Day, because the more the merrier. Please note that they are site based in the Netherlands, and so the DVD set will most likely be PAL (region 2) format, not NTSC (region 1).
Their offer: 200 years after the release of Sense and Sensibility, it's time to once and for all - or at least until a new film is made - determine the best film adaptation of the Jane Austen classic. Share your opinion in the comments and you can win a prize package of three DVDs of the most recent film versions, from 1981, 1995 and 2008. (View details)

Grapevine, Last-Minute News and Misc.

Seen around: A Cupcake and a Latte (@CaffeLatteQueen): Blogger-provided bio: Canadian book lover and book blogger with a passion for reading teen (a.k.a. young adult) novels, from delicious paranormal romances to suspenseful dystopians. I'm also incredibly in love with pink frosting covered cupcakes and strong lattes. Visit

Book Nooks

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Nov. 14-19: Visit or Reply to RSVP: All lovers of Jane Austen or the Regency era are invited to attend this year's Pemberley Ball (shown above) held every November and hosted by vvb32reads (@vvb32reads).

More information on Pemberley Ball is available below:
Pre-event reading from Pride and Prejudice: Listen
Last season: The Party Scouts | Gallery of Gowns | Dance Card
RSVP: Reply to RSVP for this year's ball

Dec. 1-31, 2011: Snowed In: Visit or Participate: What Book is That? (@whatbookemily) will be hosting an indie author event (shown above) in December. Event description provided by blogger: Every day in December, a different indie book will be reviewed. Each review will have a giveaway attached for e-books, print books or gift certificates. Stop by every day for a new chance to win!

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