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Commentary: You're indoors, but outdoors - and vice versa. Cute little summer cottage, mellow and low-key, with plenty of space for sprawling, chair for stacking up books, fireplace for chilly nights, and a nice bit of greenery on all sides.

Cute reading nook, especially nice for a lazy summer read of something completely frivolous. Greenhouse cottage is 12 x 18 feet (3.65 x 5.48 meters).

Excerpt from interview with the builder in My Home Ideas, where this photo appears in a feature on summer cottages:

Don Viens has literally built a cottage industry in his own backyard. After constructing a greenhouse for his partner's floral company from scrap materials, Viens created a backyard retreat business.

His fantastic cottages have earned him a reputation for recycling with creativity. He says, 'I enjoy using lots of color and playful elements and letting my sheds take shape from the materials I find.'

Photographer not specified.
Location: Private home, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, U.S.
Greenhouse cottage builder is Don Viens.
Source: My Home Ideas