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Commentary: Well-lit reading space in a private home in Kungsladugård, Göteborg, Sweden. What's nice here, apart from the quality of natural light, are the options - can sit in a chair and read, or sprawl out a bit using the ottoman; in the second image below, you'll see there's also a couch along the wall. There's enough room on the table for a stack of books, and the fresh flowers are also a nice touch.

There are additional images from this photo shoot below, interesting wallpaper print (birches) change the mood of the room slightly, giving the room a touch of quirkiness in an otherwise homey but somewhat subdued space, with only a few touches of color. It's possible to take a tour of the rest of the flat, here.

Photographer not specified.
Location: Private home, Kungsladugård, Göteborg, Sweden
Source: Mix and Chic