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Commentary: It's like an aquarium, but for humans. Free-form use of space, it's almost like every spot in here could be a potential book nook, has nearly anything you might want in a book nook - sturdy, low table, comfy, worn leather and velvet armchair and couch, and a massive shelf of books with reach, for browsing; there's even a divan and a fireplace. There's also plenty of room for a bit of a wander. 

A little cluttered, yes, but quirky enough to be quite charming in an offbeat sort of (aquatic) way. The big blob on the image at far wall, by the way, if curious, is an poster-sized photo of a swimmer, splashing around in some nice blue water - likely to've been a spark of inspiration for the space, actually.

Shown above, another view of the room, this time focusing on the divan, settled near a window with excellent light and greenery. You can browse the rest of the home, here. The images are from a shoot by Elle Decor España.

Photographer not specified.
Location: Private home of businessperson Jaime Lacasa, Madrid, Spain
Source: Mix and Chic, orig. photo shoot in Elle Decor España