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Founder: Sasha Soren (Random Magic
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Commentary: Set up very simply, there's just enough room on the table for a pot of tea and a well-selected book you've been waiting to read. The colors here are also pleasant, making a bit of time spent reading seem like a happy indulgence.

This probably wouldn't be a spot for a few hours of reading - but it would be a nice spot to bring a tote bag, directly from a book shop, to sit and look at all the interesting new titles you've acquired, then select the perfect one and make a good start on the first few chapters.

The planter on the table is charming, but could easily just be put on the floor, if more space on the tabletop were wanted.

Commentary from the photographer (Leone Fabre): My special little corner of the world, where I usually sit at some stage during the day reading a book and having coffee or perhaps a green tea. This is my balcony on the 18th floor of the condo where I live in Singapore. It's a beautiful little haven at any time of the day or night - but the view at night is stunning. 

Photographer: Leone Fabre
Location: Singapore