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Commentary: This is great, you can go camp out in the woods for the night and not even have to leave your office. It's a library. In the woods. The scenery here would be way better than anything you could find while channel-surfing on television. 

There'd also be variety to keep the environment new and interesting, without having to do any heavy lifting - just sit there and watch as nature paints you a new picture every day. As noted in the project comments, your office walls would be 'green in the summer, orange in the fall, and white in the winter.'

You can see here that the structure is constructed so that it sits up a bit off the ground, so, high enough that there won't be any bears just strolling in, but with a beautiful view any time of the day or night.

Notes from Apartment Therapy: This private library sits in the woods near Olivebridge, New York. Designed by Peter Gluck and Partners Architects, the Scholar's Library provides book storage and a lofted study filled with natural light.

Description from the project page: A pure and elegant Platonic cube here matches the unity of the building's purpose and form, in both programmatic and metaphorical terms. 

The first floor is completely closed and contains stacks for a library of books. The second floor, which is entirely open, is a scholar's working study. The study sits on the books below much like scholarship rests on the body of work that precedes it. 

The structure expresses this dual character, with the floating roof cantilevered off the second floor to highlight the distinction between the solid and the void. 

The windows (standard-issue sliding doors) open on all four sides, stacking in opposite corners, to create the feeling of an aerie in the woods. The changing seasons provide the context, with the study 'walls' green in the summer, orange in the fall, and white in the winter. 

An economy of means in cost, materials, and structure result in simplicity and directness with no elaboration. The study is a serene and solitary haven for quiet work that is at the same time immersed in the natural world around it. (More)

Photographer not specified, project images via Peter Gluck and Partners Architects (see above).