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Commentary: This is the interior of a cute reading pod someone can install in their yard, if they have one. There's a skylight, shelves for books, spot to curl up, see-through doors so there's light to read by and a nice view. Cute little construction. You can see the exterior here, if you like: Polyhedron exterior

Info provided by Design Boom: Colombia-based Manuel Villa Arquitecto has completed a habitable polyhedron dwelling for a backyard in Bogota, Colombia. The aim of 'polyhedron pod' is to create a space for leisure activities such as reading, and to help visitors reconnect with nature and the surrounding landscape. 

The design features an expansive wooden deck leading up to a set of glass and steel doors. The built-in furniture in the interior includes a desk, cupboards, shelving, and a bench. The walls are left in their natural, untreated teak form on the inside, while a black, honeycomb-patterned skin wraps the outside. 

The final shape of the structure was determined after a number of model studies were drawn up and eventually scrapped. The finished form was chosen for its versatility, adaptability and structure. 

Photographer not specified.
Location: Bogota, Colombia