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Art and Quotes

, Attr. Paul Fischer*****
'It is impossible, I find, to tidy books without ending by sitting on the floor, in the middle of a great untidiness and reading.'
- Elizabeth von Arnim, In the Mountains
Book Chats and Discussions

Bookie Brunch question: What are your thoughts on books that are an unusual size? (i.e. coffee table books, larger than mass market or trade paperback, miniatures, non-rectangular, pop-up books). Do you own any or have any on your wishlist?

One of my favorite coffee table books was acquired at a museum, influenced by the art exhibit of Fabergé eggs. - Velvet (host), vvb32reads (@vvb32reads)

On miniature books: The smaller books, I always find special because when you hold them it's like holding a special secret. They get lost in the shelves and are pulled as if from nowhere; it feels as if they have some mysterious importance. - AimeeKay, First Reads (Twitter N/A)

Events and Parties

Oct. 23-31: Visit and Browse: Collect sweets and treats on Bookie Brunch: Trick or Treat (@RandomMagicTour), featuring all kinds of cool bloggers and little nibbly things on this fun Halloween event.This is a blog hop - a selection of cute blogs to visit will be shown at the end of each post in participating blogs. Visit

Oct. 22: Visit or Sign up: Host Vanessa V. of A Fanciful Twist invites you to join her in a Halloween celebration with a post of your own, in honor of the holiday.

Oct.17-31: Visit and Browse: Lucy of Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf (@MoonlightGleams) has teamed up with another blogger to offer their month-long spookfest, Feast of Screams. Visit

Memes and Features
(Incl. reading challenges)

Sarah Says Read (@SarahSaysRead) shares wild stories from her life each week, in Sarah Sundays. Visit

Videos and Vloggers

Shown above: Velvet of vvb32reads (@vvb32reads) shows off some of her favorite books in non-standard sizes, including a miniature and a hand-crafted special edition. This video is part of a Bookie Brunch discussion on non-standard book editions. Browse discussion and gallery

Shown above: Christina (@Booklover_622) of The Book Addict (blog) and I Love Books (video channel) discusses the topic of non-standard book sizes. This video is part of a Bookie Brunch discussion on non-standard print editions of books. Browse discussion and gallery

Shown above: Sarah of Sarah Says Read (@SarahSaysRead) discusses the topic of quirky book formats (like miniature book editions or pop-ups) and shares some of the books in her collection. This video is part of a Bookie Brunch discussion on non-standard print editions of books. Browse discussion and gallery

Shown above: Jennie (@joaniefontana) of Jennie's Corner (blog) and Joanie Fontana (vlog) shares some of her Halloween picks and other titles she's reading this week.

Shown above: The Bookish Brunette (@BookBrunette) shares some of the titles she's acquired recently.

Shown above: Daisy of Between the Pages (@DBetweenPages) shares some of the titles she's acquired recently. Visit: Blog - Video Channel

Book Adaptations and Media Marvels
(Incl. movies, music, games, tech, publishing news, other.)

Shown above: The eBook Reader gives a hands-on comparison of Nook vs. Kindle e-readers.

Random Magic (Sasha Soren) is available for the Kindle. If you haven't browsed sample pages in that format, please feel free to download and preview here. Cover art for Kindle version of the book shown above.

Goodies and Giveaways

WIN: Enter - Thru Nov. 21: Win this charming miniature of a late-20th-century perfume that wears like an older, more glamorous classic. Launched by design house Givenchy (founded by Hubert de Givenchy), Amarige is classified as a sharp, oriental, floral fragrance. Created by master perfumer Dominique Ropion. This timeless fragrances is a brunch gift, part of the Bookie Brunch discussion about favorite classic novels at This Miss Loves to Read (@MissIrenne).

WIN: Enter - Thru Nov. 1: A nice offer from The Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia (@celialarsen): Welcome to my autumn giveaway! One entrant will receive book of their choice (up to USD 30, available via Book Depository). Open internationally, ends November 1, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Artwork shown in post is an Eloise Renouf art print available at Etsy.

WIN: Enter - Thru Nov.1: An interesting collaborative offer spotted at The Arms of a Sister (@armsofasister) - a group of 10 bloggers got together to acquire an Amazon Kindle Fire to give away.

As noted in Women Reading (Oct. 5), the Kindle Fire e-reader offers a color screen, whereas earlier Kindle screens were only able to display books in black and white. There are other upgrades to the Kindle in this release. Technical details on the Kindle Fire are provided in video clip shown above, product overview via CNET. More on Kindle Fire

WIN: Enter - Thru Oct. 31: A Nook e-reader and case at Sparkling Reviews (@SparklingReview). Details: Nook with a DecalGirl skin of your choice and a green cover. The winner will be chosen on Halloween.

WIN: Enter - Thru Oct. 31: Fuzzy Coffee Books (@FuzzyCoffeeBks) offers one winner a custom blog design, courtesy of Blogovation. View a sample design here or here. Details

WIN: Enter - Thru Oct. 24: Untouchable Treasure (@TreasuredReads) offers one winner his or her pick of either The Complete Novels of Jane Austen, or The Favorite Jane Austen Novels (boxed set, includes Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion).

WIN: Enter - Thru Oct. 21: Win a fascinating book about the mysterious and sometimes unexpected connections between music and the human mind. This book is part of a Bookie Brunch discussion about books and music at The Book Nerd (@CurlyGirl11).

WIN: Enter - Thru Oct. 21: Win a cute and quirky tote bag (shown above) - it's a bag, no, wait, it's a fish! - at Bookie Brunch (host: @snowdropdreams). Discussion theme is great magical or fantastical reads.

Grapevine, Last-Minute News and Misc.
Shown above: Pigeon in top hat

Just For Fun: A gallery that's for the birds. Maybe you've said to yourself from time to time, 'If only I could spend a few minutes browsing a gallery of birds in hats - that, that, would make the day absolutely marvelous.' Oh, look - now you can. Here we have some images from a cute little blog called Birds in Hats.
Shown above: Goose with propeller on his head

And what might be found at Birds in Hats? Just what it says on the tin. Because sometimes you might have a wild craving to browse some birds in outlandish noggin apparel. You don't need a reason. Browse

(Credits) Birds in Hats artist is Alice Tams (@alicetams), images shown above (c) 2011, Alice Tams. All rights reserved. Find Alice Tams: Etsy | Bloglovin' | Pinterest

Thru Oct. 21: Remake photo competition. Via host Jeff Hamada at Booooooom (@Booooooom): The idea of the project is to remake a famous work of art using photography. This photo (shown above) by Sarah Hermans is a perfect example of what I’m after, as it references Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam simply and beautifully. I don’t have ten grand to put up as prize money but I was able to get a copy of the entire Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection (USD 899). Two sample remake entries shown below.

Original work:
Portrait of a Man by Jan van Eyck

Remade as:
Portrait of a Man remake by Ryan Halliwill

Original work:
Christmas at the Other Side by Nan Goldin

Remade as:
Christmas at the Other Side recreated by Claudia Phares

Original work:
Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci
Remade as:
Lady with an Ermine remade by Wanda Martin

Remake photo contest at Booooooom is open through Oct. 21, 2011. Please note that images are sent in and collected via Facebook, so if you're not interested in using Facebook, that's something to keep in mind.

Book Nooks

Source: Daily Dose


Dec. 16, 2011: Visit or Contact - Let The Austen Games begin! In honor of writer Jane Austen's birthday, book lovers are invited to Twitter-collaborate on an Austen-inspired online tome, The Austen Games. (Tip thanks to @LiederMadchen)

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Header image: Daydreams, Attr. Paul Fischer
Please note, unable to establish provenance for this work.
Paul Fischer auction mentions: Christie's, Sotheby's
Artist mentions elsewhere: Danish Embassy (London), MacConnal-Mason (includes brief bio).

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