Random Magic: Spooky Tunes

Well! The storm clouds are gathering for the start of Bookie Brunch: Trick or Treat (Oct. 23-31), but in the meantime, enjoying some low-key Halloween celebrations.
If you've stopped by from A Fanciful Twist, you're welcome to pick the spooky character that interests you the most, and be able to check out a matching song.
If you're curious about the book Random Magic by Sasha Soren, that video can be browsed here:
Yes, Random Magic does indeed have a few characters of the distinctly Halloweeny variety - witches, vampires, werewolves...
So. What's your fancy? Hmmmmmm?
Songs for: Vampires
Vampires in Random Magic: The count smiled, his heavy-lidded hazel eyes gleaming with the prospect of unexpected diversion…Fresh blood was exactly what they required. (Browse the book)
Songs for: Werewolves
Werewolves in Random Magic: Brute edged cautiously up to the big black door of a huge gate. In the distance, Henry could just make out the twinkling lights of something large, dark, and spooky. With turrets.
They dismounted.
Brute stretched, then shook out his wobbly legs, spattering Henry with mud. 'That’s as far as I go, sorry,' he growled gently. He shivered suddenly, his fur bristling like a nervous cat. 'They give me the creeps.' (Browse the book - Kindle format)
Songs for: Spiders
Spiders in Random Magic:
Henry sank down onto the only chair in the room.
She looked at him sharply. 'You’d better ask permission, first. Wouldn’t sit there, otherwise.'
'Oh. Sorry, do you mind if I--' 'Not me,” she snapped. 'The chair.'
The chair? What a strange girl. Why on earth would he--
'Ow!' he squeaked, train of thought completely gone. The chair's long furry legs had come up and slapped him in the face. In a flash, the spider chair tossed him onto the floor and scuttled away through a window.
'Euw-yech,' Henry said. 'Yech. Euw. Yech.' (Browse the book)
Songs for: Witches
Witches in Random Magic: 'Wind above, so below, faster than the wind I go; strength of iron and bite of flame, I lay my will upon your mane,' Winnie chanted, and hurled the horseshoe to the ground...
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Bookie Brunch: Trick or Treat (Oct. 23-31)
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Thanks so much for stopping by, and hope you enjoy your musical browse and find a perfect Halloween tune from the Random Magic Halloween playlist.
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Happy Halloween