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A Rather Lovely Soirée
Talk like Jane Austen Day
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Oct. 30, 2011
Welcome, dear guests! You've arrived at a rather lovely soirée in honor of Talk like Jane Austen Day. Talk like Jane Austen Day is an annual event, but October 30, 2011 is a particularly special day, as it marks the 200th anniversary of the first printing of Sense and Sensibility (1811), Austen's first published novel.
In honor of the day, we've assembled a delightful collection of interesting features on all things Jane Austen and her times.
This post is being hosted by Random Magic Tour, as a courtesy to visitors. The lovely guest who's presenting Travel and Translation is El Salón de Té de Jane/Jane's Tea Room (@SalonJaneAusten), however, the site is in Spanish only, and this event is posted in English, by default.
So, in the interests of connecting Jane Austen lovers around the world, no matter which translation they happen to be reading, we have a mirrored post here to share a wonderful photo collection.
For A Rather Lovely Soirée, @SalonJaneAusten presents Travel and Translation, a global image collage to celebrate the publication 200 years ago today, of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.
Here are some lovely images to browse, sent in by Jane Austen lovers from around the world:
Shown above: We have tea ready for a delicious reading, thanks to Elvira Camilleri. What a beautiful tea pot! Everything comes from Guadalajara (Spain).
Shown above: Y ya tenemos el té listo para una lectura deliciosa, gracias a Elvira Camilleri. ¡Qué hermosa tetera! Y todo nos viene de Guadalajara (España).
Shown above: Reading Sense and Sensibility on an e-reader, on vacation away from Venezuela, enjoying the Caribbean Sea. Sent by Mariela (@margecavani), owner of the blog Cine, Libros y Jane Austen (Movies, Books and Jane Austen).
Shown above: Sentido y Sensibilidad en frente del Mar Caribe. Enviado por Mariela (@margecavani), propietaria del blog Cine, Libros y Jane Austen).
Shown above: Reading the story of the Dashwoods in Ria de Aveiro, in Portugal. Such a beautiful picture! Photo by Inkent.
Shown above: Leyendo la historia de las Dashwood en Ria de Aveiro, en Portugal, ¡Qué bonita foto! Photo - Inkent.
Shown above: Homage to Sense and Sensibility, accompanied by the first roses of the season from Viena31's garden. As a tribute to this great book, the Dashwood sisters and Jane Austen, she wanted to share her first roses of year with all their color and fragance, from her home garden. León, Spain. Shown above: Composición de Sentido y Sensibilidad con las primeras rosas del jardín de Viena31. Homenaje a este gran libro, a las hermanas Dashwood y a Jane Austen, éstas primeras rosas del año con todo su color y fragancia desde su casa. León, Spain.
Shown above: Elena shows us Sense and Sensibility next to Playa Bonita, Lago Nahuel Huapi, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. Shown above: Mª Elena nos muestra Sentido y Sensibilidad junto a Playa Bonita, Lago Nahuel Huapi, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. ***** Browse all images in gallery ***** The creator of the project has an open invitation to any Jane Austen fan to participate in the ongoing project. Here's the open invitation: This is a global homage for Sense and Sensibility. We want to celebrate the 200th anniversary on October 30, 2011. If you'd like to participate, you can. (Details)
Este es un homenaje a Sentido y Sensibilidad. Queremos celebrar el 200 aniversario. ¿Cómo puedes ayudar? Sólamente haz una foto del lbiro (o DVD de cualquier adaptación) con el lugar donde vives de fondo. (Info)
We hope you enjoy browsing the gallery, and thank you for visiting Travel and Translation as part of A Rather Lovely Soirée.
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Pre-event reading from Pride and Prejudice: Listen
Please feel free to browse the collection of badges below, as each one of them will feature an interesting topic related to Jane Austen and her times, and you're sure to enjoy them all.
Thank you for visiting, it's been so nice to see you. Happy Talk like Jane Austen Day!
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Additional credits: All photo rights shown in Austen Sense and Sensibility homage belong to the individual who created each one. All rights reserved. Photo credits list: (c) 2011, Elvira Camilleri, Viena31, Inkent, Elena and Mariela a.k.a. Marge Cavani. Thank you to all for sharing with us during this special celebration.