Scoreboard: Rum + Plunder tour game

(Updated: May 30, 2011)
Game has ended
Final Standings
May 30, 2011

Pirate Sami (Samantha):  289 points [First place]
(284 pts. + bonus: 5 pts. = 289)
Bonus: 5 points 
Standing: In finals
Bonus Round

Pirate Kiwi (Assortments):  181 points [Second place]
(First post: 60 pts. + cont'd post: 116 pts. + bonus: 5 pts. = 181) 
Bonus: 5 points
Standing: In finals
Bonus Round

Pirate Tiger (KrysyKat):  20 points [Third place]

Pirate Sami's hard work pays off with a mountain of doubloons and she sweeps the tourney. She finishes in first place and looks to carry off a treasure trove of extra prizes.  

Pirate Kiwi put in a fantastic showing, though - after a late start, she carried off enough doubloons to nearly catch Pirate Sami, but Sami was quick on her feet!

Pirate Tiger finishes with 20 points and takes third place.

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