Pirates! - Little Pirate Prizes (Sample entries)

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and playing to win a cute Little Pirate Prize 
during Random Magic Tour: Pirates! (May 10-30, 2011). 

This is just a quick visual reference to help you enter your info quickly 
and easily into the drawing for the prize you want.

To look at a larger version of the image below, just click on the image:

All qualifying entries received will be entered to win. As you can see, 
we're trying to make it easy for you to win the prize you want, 
so you can enter up to four times!

Please just be sure that your entries are all listed separately, 
because each entry will get its own individual number for the drawing.

But if you take advantage of all opportunities to enter, then you have 
four times the luck, so please feel free to use up all four entries.

Thanks for playing and thanks for your nice comments when you visit 
each blogger, it's appreciated by everyone and hope you enjoy the tour.

Have fun - and good luck!

Offer ends May 30, 2011
Last Little Pirate Prize: Offer ends June 3, 2011
Winners announced: June 6, 2011