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About: Throwing flowers onto the stage as a tribute to performers

In some venues (particularly outdoor theaters) it is customary to throw flowers onstage after a performance, especially at a curtain call. If you're attending a play in a theater that carries on this tradition, be smart about it if you decide to join in. Throw single stems of lightweight, tidy flowers such as roses or daisies, not whole bouquets.

 Be sure any thorns are removed from the stems and toss the blossoms gently underhand rather than pitching them as hard as you can into the actors themselves. Aim for a gentle rain of flowers at the front of the stage, not a mass of greenery under the actors' feet; you don't want to cause anyone to really 'break a leg.'

 Source (text excerpt): eHow Theater Etiquette

Note on usage, re: 'Brava!': Technically, it should really be, 'Brave!,' but 'Brava!' is more familiar to English speakers as a theater accolade. Also, it has more oomph.

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