Songs of the Season (2012) - A frivolous mystery

Hi! A warm welcome to the Songs of the Season music hop, and thanks for dropping by. There are so many beautiful songs for this season, and we love them all. Just for fun, we've picked a song that's not a traditional carol; it's modern, but it's also a bit lighthearted and silly.

Song: Who Spiked the Eggnog?
Artist: Straight No Chaser
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Lyrics: It was Christmas Eve
My friends were all in town
We were singing Christmas carols
As the snow was falling down

And I don't know for certain
how it happened, or who's to blame
But someone at that party
Ought to be ashamed

Tell me who, who spiked the eggnog?
I know the culprit's here.
Who, who brought the booze?
To the Christmas party this year...

Okay, folks - who spiked the eggnog?

Shown above: What's eggnog? Here's a traditional version from Cooking with Jack.
Please note that this version contains alcohol. See also: Food handling - Eggs.

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