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Commentary: This keeps it as simple as can be - a cute spot sprawling and a stack of books at hand. The arms of the couch look sturdy although not particularly comfortable - a few cushions or pillows might be welcome. Another option might just be an ottoman. This looks like a spot for a light read or a browse under half an hour, not a super-comfy environment where it'd be easy to read for hours. It's still cute, though.

The nicest part of this book nook is the essay on reading that comes along with the photograph, a feature by author Rick Braggs:

Here, between the shelves, I escape everything worrisome, petty, mundane. In late afternoon, as the weak winter sun begins its slide, pale yellow light washes through the west-side window of my office in Fairhope, Alabama (U.S.), and something like magic floods the room. I sit in a big, soft chair, and the words that are bound here come loose all around me. (More)

Photographer: Joe De Sciose
Location (given in caption): Eudora Welty's shelf life in Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.